Imagine the most pleasurable moment of your entire life.
Hot. Kinetic. Delicious. Turned ON.
Amplify that sensation by one thousand,
and let it saturate every part of your life.

Who are you, now? What do you want?
And what will you do with this indescribable power?

There is a life force that floods our senses —
a source of electricity, connectivity, and wild creativity.

We catch fragments of this force in a myriad ways —
in the spark of a first kiss, in a moment of unrestrained laughter,
in a spiral of dance or devotion, and in the boundlessness of our bodies, in sex.

We spend our lives craving — hungering —
for a few fleeting seconds of true sensation.
We dream about it. We chase after it. We even try to buy it.

We’ve forgotten that this life force flows through, in, all around us.
We’ve forgotten that it can amplify every moment of our lives,
not just a few ephemeral climaxes,
and we’ve forgotten that sex — our most powerful gateway —
can point to the core of our power.

As a sex & sensuality coach, it’s my job to guide your body & mind
towards heightened sensation, fascination & freedom.

The best sex of your life is just the beginning.


“I found that to discuss and explore the topic with Theres was tasteful, beautiful, inviting and safe. She created a place for me to ask and answer questions about myself and my sexuality that was exciting, helpful, and left me with a sharpened sense of desire to know more and to dig deeper into this delicious part of who I am. With her help I began a journey that will never end.” – WS

“Working with Theres has given this intimate part of me a voice. She has a way of shedding light on the truth, making it safe and easy to speak about sex, my womanhood and the stuff that happens behind closed doors. With Theres, there is now an added layer and texture to the woman I am, most important, how I name what I want, how I share my sensuous nature.Theres has a calm, inquisitive way of teasing out what I may find difficult to say. She is nurturing in the way she holds sacred my life and story as she gets to the heart of it all. Our coaching sessions are not just about carnal desires, there is an overlap with the rest of my life. I am growing in unexpected ways.” – TC

“Theres is a powerful coach. She creates a really warm and safe coaching environment and then takes you deeply into the difficult places that are holding you back. I feel as though I have shed some skins working with Theres and more of my natural light is shining in the world. Working with Theres gives me full permission to express what I really want. I feel like I am reclaiming the more fiery side of my nature and stretching and growing into a more three dimensional woman who takes up space in the world and isn’t hiding any more. Putting my body and my desires at the centre of my life is a radical act that’s helping me to let go of the shame and fear that has been holding me back in many areas and to create my life on my terms.” – FM